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Safe & Efficient Pumping Systems

In 1946, B. Alden Smith and Compere Loveless manufactured the first factory-built packaged pump station, which revolutionised the wastewater pumping industry. Now, more than 70 years later, packaged Smith & Loveless pumping systems, featuring durable S&L Non-Clog Pumps, handle water and wastewater for municipalities, developments and industry around the world. Our complete line of factory-built and tested pumps and systems include above-grade (surface-mounted) and underground wastewater lift stations, packaged water booster stations, vacuum primed centrifugal pumps, flooded suction centrifugal pumps, immersible pumps, grit pumps, trash handling pump impellers, and multiple pump control systems. Smith & Loveless NZ Ltd. offers standard and custom system designs, tailored to meet customer demands for performance and delivery time.

Surface Mounted Pump Station

S&L’s above-ground wastewater pumping stations pave the way for end-users to reap the benefits of robust construction, operator-safe maintenance and single-source solutions. The result is efficient pump station performance, long service life and realised savings—verified by decades of successful installations. Read More >

S&L Non-Clog Pump

Our vertical, close-coupled STAR ONE™ S&L Non-Clog Pump design meets the highest of standards that promote superior efficiency, durability and ease of maintenance. Its rugged design, featuring exclusive oversized, stainless steel pump shafts and bearings, will typically deliver service for more than 20 years with basic care. Read More >

X-PELLER™ Non-Clog Impeller

Specifically designed for high volumes of trash pumping applications and low flow conditions up to 107 lps and pump size up to 200mm vacuum primed and flooded suction S&L pumps.
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WaveStart™ Priming System

S&L’s newest advanced pump prime sensing system allows operators to say hello to even faster and more reliable pump priming and wave good-bye to nuisance maintenance associated with flushables.
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QUICKSMART™ Pump Station Controller

Delivering simplified operation yet powerful pump station control, QUICKSMART™ Station Controls provide unparalleled ability to monitor and adjust all of your pump station functions with ease.
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RAPIDJACK™ Quick-Clean Check Valve

S&L has revolutionised wafer check valve maintenance with the new RAPIDJACK™. Clearing wafer check valves of stringy materials and obstructions will now take 15 minutes or less with the new RAPIDJACK™.
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DURO-LAST® Stainless Steel Baseplate

The DURO-LAST® 316/Lean Duplex Series 2100 Stainless Steel Baseplate option is available on all above grade and Recessed Wet Well Mounted Pump Stations. It’s backed with a 25-year warranty, offering you the highest level of protection available in the industry. Read More >

SHADE AIDE™ HMI Screen Protector

Color touch screens can be hard to see when the sun beats down on them and the sun’s harmful rays can damage your HMI / MMI screens. The SHADE AIDE™ allows you to view your screen in any weather condition.
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Save Thousands Annually

Learn how the S&L Surface-Mounted Pump Station can save on maintenance, parts and operation costs. You can save thousands!
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We Bring it to You!

Want to learn more about the S&L Surface-Mounted Pump Station? Schedule a visit and we’ll bring it directly to your office.
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