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Most-Specified Inlet Works Systems

Smith & Loveless’ commitment to market leadership in screening technologies and grit removal kindles on-going research and development, which leads to continued system innovations. Since the introduction of the original vortex PISTA® Grit Chamber in the early 1970s, and with decades of screen innovation, S&L has developed numerous advancements to further enhance the capability for complete inlet works. This innovation and experience make S&L systems the industry’s most specified inlet works systems today.

High removal efficiencies originate from the PISTA® Grit Chamber’s unparalleled hydraulic design, including its flat chamber floor, patented and low-energy axial-flow propeller. The combination creates a true vortex that effectively separates grit from organics and the waste stream. Forced vortex action distinguishes the PISTA® Grit Chamber from all other so-called “vortex” grit chambers because it does not rely on less efficient particle settling or gravity.

Inlet Works Systems

After pioneering the first flat-floor forced vortex grit chamber, S&L continues to lead the industry in advanced hydraulic grit removal research and development by emphasising a combination of CFD analysis and field testing. The state-of-the-art PISTA® is the most-specified in the world, including in New Zealand and Australia. Read More >

Wastewater Screens

S&L New Zealand Ltd. delivers complete wastewater screening systems designed for superior durability, performance and life-cycle cost value. Our comprehensive array of proven engineered screening solutions handle coarse and fine screening, washing, compacting and conveying for municipal and industrial applications. S&L Screens >    CST Screens >

OPTIFLOW 270® Baffle System

Smith & Loveless’ OPTIFLOW 270® Baffle System brings previously unachieved grit removal efficiencies to new PISTA® 270™ Grit Chambers, improving grit removal to 95% of 100 mesh (150 micron). Read More >


The V-FORCE BAFFLE™ is designed to direct the inlet flow into the chamber in a manner ensuring the proper vortex flow and to prevent short-circuiting, allowing for a full 360° rotation through the inlet and outlet, providing maximum grit removal. Read More >

PISTA® VIO™ Variable Inlet / Outlet

The PISTA® VIO™ Grit Removal System provides unprecedented application flexibility and superior grit removal efficiencies with a design that allows for full variability of the inlet and outlet channels. Read More >

S&L Grit Pump

S&L’s PISTA® TURBO™ Grit Pump is designed exclusively for pumping grit slurries. Top mounted, vacuum primed or flooded suction pumps are available at 15.8 lps with 100 mm piping to 31.6 lps with 150 mm piping.
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Grit Washers

S&L grit washers and dewatering systems provide superb dewatering and high retention of fine grit without the burden of high maintenance, producing clean grit while minimizing the odor caused by organics. 
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Controls & Accessories

Smith & Loveless gives you complete, graphical control of your grit removal system with the QUICKSMART™ Control System. And we offer plenty of other options to enhance your grit removal systems.
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Grit the Facts

With four decades of grit science and experience drawn from more than 2,800 installations, S&L can show you why our inlet works systems are the industry leader.
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Inlet Works Case Studies

S&L will take on all competitors, including sloped floor systems, aerated grit chambers, detritors and velocity channel systems.  Take a look at the removal efficiencies of these competing systems. Read More >

Grit Removal Research Center

S&L’s Grit Removal Research Center is an industry first. Tour the center and see live demonstrations that show you exactly what happens inside your inlet works equipment.
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