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Aeration & Mixing

S&L aeration systems deliver reliable treatment with minimal energy demands. Systems range from coarse bubble diffusers, fine bubble diffusers, brush aerators and durable vertical mechanical aeration. Applications range from aeration basins/ponds, lagoons, digesters and oxidation ditches.

Loop Brush Aerator

Smith & Loveless’ horizontal LOOP Brush Aerators provide premium oxygen transfer and mixing over a wide range of flow conditions. We design LOOP Brush Aerators for the greatest efficiency and cost-effective service.
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Mechanical Aerators

S&L’s vertical arcuate impeller blade design is more efficient than the radial vane design. The Smith & Loveless mechanical aerator blade curvature yields high pumpage with minimal head, thus maximizing oxygen transfer and mixing and comes in Fixed and Floating configurations. Read More >

Whangarei WWTP

CLIENT: Whangarei District Council
EQUIPMENT: FGMA Low Speed Aerators