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World Class Clarifier Solutions

Smith & Loveless offers a comprehensive range of circular and rectangular clarifier mechanisms. True to the spirit of our organization, our cost-effective designs deliver both innovative and conventional approaches. Our scope of supply includes not only a large variety of clarifier types, sizes and configurations, but complete turnkey support and project oversight.


• Municipal
• Industrial
• Primary Wastewater
• Secondary Wastewater
• Tertiary Wastewater
• Potable Water

Clarifier Types

• Center Drive & Feed
• Kraus-Fall Peripheral Feed
• CLAR-I-VATOR® Solids Contact
• Sludge Scrapers
• Parallel Plate Separators
• Thickeners


• Conventional Scrapers
• Logarithmic Spiral Scrapers
• Hydraulic Suction Arm Collectors
• Skimmers

Materials & Components

• Concrete Tankage
• Coated Mild Steel Tankage
• Stainless Steel Tankage
• Non-Metallic Components

Retrofit / Upgrade Options

• Drive Heads
• Scum Skimmer
• Launder & Well Washing
• Stainless Steel Modular Launder, Wells & Baffles
• Baffles

Hamilton WWTP

CLIENT: Hamilton City Council
EQUIPMENT: 4 x Clarifier Mechanism



CLIENT: Norske Skog – Tasmania
EQUIPMENT: 1 x Clarifier Mechanism


Rolleston WWTP

CLIENT: Selwyn District Council
EQUIPMENT: 2 x Clarifier Mechanism


Sludge Scraper Systems for Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants

Finnchain’s patented sludge scraper systems can be applied to various water treatment processes. Most common applications include:
  • primary and secondary sedimentation tanks
  • grit separators
  • lamella tanks
  • stormwater tanks
  • desalination tanks
  • DAF-tanks

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